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    The Flying Bourbon Brothers

A native Texan (mostly San Antonio), Tom D. Williams grew up on the likes of Buddy Holly, Willie Nelson, Hank Williams and various folk singers, as well as classic pop & blues standards, and began playing as a boy after his dad taught him some basic guitar chords. His background and range of musical interests can be heard in the songs that he writes and sings. He has been gigging part-time around San Antonio for over a decade.

Len Briley is a 2nd generation musician. Back in the day, his dad played drums with many of the best jazz and big bands in San Antonio and Houston. Len has been playing most of his life, and is not only an accomplished guitarist, but a fine vocalist and writer as well. Keeping with the family tradition, Len encourages and nurtures the love of music and performance in his daughters.

Tom and Len first played together in
the mudpuppies (a once-a-year collaboration for a benefit show). Later, realizing common musical interests, with glasses of bourbon at their side, they would enjoy sitting on the deck swapping songs. In 2007, The Flying Bourbon Brothers
were born when they began performing regularly as a duo.  The Flying  Bourbon Brothers frequently include Brother Eddie Puente on drums and backing vocals, Earl Tyrus or Alex Esquivel on bass, and often, "Miss Terri" Inman shows up to lend her smoky harmonies to the mix.  They play most weekends in and around San Antonio.

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    are pleased to present their CD, El Recreo”.  With 11 songs written by award-winning songwriter Tom D. Williams and two penned by fellow Bourbon Brother Len Briley, El Recreo treats the listener to stories of adventure, love, loss, and promise with a true Texas flavor.  From the anticipation of what might be in “Hangin’ On The Line” to the remembrance of what was in “When You Were Mine”, from the search for the perfect woman in “Would You Care To Dance” to the pursuit of a fading love in “Have You Seen Evangeline” , El Recreo  presents tales both captivating and entertaining.  Get your copy today!

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